American Cultural Imperialism

Separate sections in parts 1 and Aa.

When you get to Section 1A, You will write in a in a brief discussion form of type paragraph

Section 1:
Because US media productions (particularly film and pop music) were so dominant in the 20th century, there were a lot of complaints about American “cultural imperialism” around the world. In the digital age there is more opportunity for media productions from other countries to circulate widely, from anime and K-pop, to telenovelas and Afrobeats. In 250 -300 words, two minute audio, or one minute video, describe an encounter with a media production from outside your “home” cultural context. What attracted you to it? Were there cultural differences or adjustments that stood out?

Section 1A: Brief discussion
Newspapers, one of the pillars of the US democratic system, have been hard hit economically. Many have gone out of business, others have been bought by larger publishers, or reduced to largely reprinting news from wire services. Some have proposed that newspapers should pursue a non-profit business model, funded by foundations and philanthropists. (See this article: What do you think? Should newspapers continue to pursue profits, at the risk of decreasing the quality and scope of reporting? Or should newspapers become more like public broadcasting, funded with a mix of government funds, philanthropy, and/or donations?

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