Alternative Tutoring Project

Part 1 – Case Study (worth 50 points) – DUE WEEK 3

  • Read the following case study on Enrique and view all the related videos:
  • Write your paper (12-pt font, double-spaced, APA format for citations)
    • Write a 2-3 pages analyzing the following criteria and providing specific examples/details from the case study to support your analysis:
      • Provide an overview of the student’s biographical information. Make sure to include information about where Enrique was born and his experiences in his native country as well as the United States, including his educational experiences.
      • Describe the student’s experiences/attitudes about his culture.
      • Describe the student’s academic strengths and areas for improvement.
      • Describe the student’s social-emotional learning strengths and areas for improvement.
    • After reading about ‘funds of knowledge’ (Moll et al., 2001) and ‘community cultural wealth’ (Yosso,2006) AND having analyzed Enrique’s case, write 1-2 pages responding to the following prompt. Be sure to use information from the readings and your case study analysis in your response. Also, please use once source from each article in this section.
      • What did you find out about Enrique’s funds of knowledge and community cultural wealth?
      • What are some of your student’s areas for growth, specifically in English Language Development and in their content-area? What are the implications for tutoring plan for the student? In other words, how might you use this information as part of your needs assessment and in your tutoring plan approach? Be sure to define both concepts (funds of knowledge and community cultural wealth) in your response.
      • Cite your references in APA format.

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