Alibaba’s World by Erisman, P

“Alibaba’s World: How a Remarkable Chinese Company is Changing the Face of Global Business”

This assignment involves carrying out an analysis of the above-mentioned management book & then presenting the findings in a report. These findings link the book content with relevant academic theories, and provide conclusions about what can be learnt from the experiences of the organisation in the book.

Porter Erisman’s book (Alibaba’s World) highlights a number of business & management issues faced by the Internet business Alibaba, some of which were approached in a highly unconventional manner, leading to a mixture of good, bad & indifferent outcomes.

The report should follow the following format:

• A brief introduction.

• An analysis of two key business & management issues highlighted in the book.

• A conclusion.

• References (including the book).

This is an academic assignment, therefore it is necessary to blend ‘theory’ with application to the book. Any opportunities for critical analysis should be included.

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