Alcohol Intervention Matrix

Presentation by Effective Leaders

Review the following existing national health education campaigns and  examine the traits of professionalism within the health education  field.

  • Let’s Move Campaign
  • The Heart Truth Campaign
  • We Can! Campaign
  • Go4Life Campaign
  • College AIM (Alcohol Intervention Matrix) Campaign
  • Media-Smart Youth Campaign
  • It’s a Noisy Planet: Protect Their Hearing Campaign
  • REAL Massage Campaign
  • North American Opioid Epidemic Campaign

For this discussion, you have been asked to create a short three-to  five-minute presentation for the next city council meeting in your  community to launch one of these campaigns. The goal of your  presentation is to get the council to approve it, spend the money to  implement it, and track its progress. You must apply traits of  professionalism as you present your case to council.

You can use Jing , Screencast-o-Matic , YouTube ,  or any alternative software program to create this presentation. The  video can be you speaking to the camera and presenting it live to city  council or a PowerPoint presentation with audio (or a screencast of your  presentation). Remember, both require that you utilize leadership  skills and traits of professionalism that you must possess for giving  presentations as a health educator; thus, lounging on the couch in your  pajamas is not appropriate for your video, and you will be given a zero  on the discussion. Some characteristics that you may consider  incorporating include humor, storytelling, facts only, pace, and volume.  Let your campaign topic and creativity guide your decision on what to  do.

To begin your presentation, fully research one of the campaigns  listed above and determine what you will need to do to convince council  to jump on your idea. You are only allowed to present your case for up  to five minutes, so you will need to be clear and precise in your  remarks.

Some of the areas to address in your presentation include

  • A description of the campaign you selected.
  • The campaign’s importance.
  • The campaign’s relevancy to your community (e.g. why ask for a  children’s health program when your city’s population comprises mostly  senior citizens?).
  • An explanation of costs.
  • An explanation of why it’s worth the cost.
  • A plea to get a nod of approval from council to begin.

Once you have completed your presentation, copy and paste the URL  link to your screencast or video in your discussion forum response  section. Your presentation must utilize at least two scholarly sources,  in addition to your textbook.

Due to the short time limit of your presentation, you do not need to  include a reference slide within the PowerPoint itself; however, you are  required to include your APA References List within the discussion post along with your screencast URL link. If you  are presenting a live video, please do the same and list your references  in the discussion box with the URL link.

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