Airline Liability

Beach Air Corp is a scheduled air carrier serving the southeastern US, Bahamas and Caribbean islands with regional jets. One morning, two Beach Air flights are boarding passengers on the regional airline ramp at Orlando, FL. One flight is non-stop to Key West, FL and the other is non-stop to Nassau, Bahamas.
As the passengers are walking from the terminal building to the ramp to board, a Beach Air ramp worker who is driving too fast loses control of a tug pulling a baggage cart and collides with one Key West-bound passenger and one Nassau-bound passenger, injuring both. Both injured passengers are Orlando residents who left home this morning planning to enjoy a week at the beach in their respective destinations, then fly directly home.
Analyze and evaluate Beach Air’s potential legal liability for each passenger’s injuries.

For peer reply
Reply critically and analytically, but politely and professionally, to one of your classmates’ posts, expressing your agreement or disagreement with their analyses and clearly stating your reasons.

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