Aggressive Behavior

For your Signature Assignment, you will write a position paper. You will explain an aggressive act captured in the media recently using social psychological theory, and you will incorporate knowledge about gender, culture, and situational factors to further explain the aggressive action. Please include the following in your paper:

• Select a social psychological theory of aggression that you did not use in Assignment 1.

• Apply this theory to explain a highly publicized act of aggressive behavior.

• Integrate/add to your discussion gender, cultural, and situational factors to help explain the aggressive behavior. Be sure your discussion of gender, culture, and at least one situational factor is woven into your discussion of the theory. Adding factors to a theory that are not already included in the theory helps you to practice with how to expand theoretical frameworks.

Remember to incorporate your professor’s feedback from your annotated outline submitted in Week 6.

Length: 12-15 pages

References: a minimum of five resources


Question 2

Write a 3 page essay all MLA format
About the book
Answering the following prompt
The idea of fate and karma is prevalent in literature. Explain how oedipus exemplifies this theme discussing how it functions to further both the plot and moral of the play

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