Age Structure Diagram

Question 1

Approximately 9 out of 10 babies in our world are born in poorer countries. The current and projected rates of population growth show an uneven distribution in the population growth between richer and poorer nations. You can see this when studying age-structure diagrams also known as a population pyramid.

The population pyramid (as it is referred to in the text) classifies population by gender and by five year age cohorts. One important aspect of these diagrams is the percentage of the population under age 15. Those countries with a higher percentage of population under age 15 are said to be “bottom heavy”. The bottom heavy age structure diagram is typical of poorer countries while more affluent nations are typically show a more even “chimney” distribution.

Question 2

Consider the various human service population with which one might work. Select a population and discuss what characteristics, skills and personality traits are necessary to work with this population? Discuss whether or not your skill-sets and personality are a good fit to help these clients? Defend your response. Provide feedback to at least one peer. Be specific Give examples.

Question 3

One of the issues in our world is the number of people the planet needs to support. This Forum is for discussion of the issues of overpopulation, its relevance to other global issues (environment, energy, food, etc.), and ideas for both controlling the population and providing for it.

Write 195-200 words. No more than 200!!

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