Advertising Federation

Complete the Career & Industry Assignment in Word. You will need to submit your assignment with 2 job postings included(explained in assignment instructions). Please ensure that the assignment looks professional. For example, you can copy the 2 job descriptions into the Word document or use screen shots. Think of what you would feel comfortable handing your boss if this was work. We have included an example of an Word table for this assignment. You may choose to format it this way, or in a different way as long as it is professional looking.


  • Use MICROSOFT WORD to complete this assignment in a table format. 
  • Using Hoovers, First Research, S&P’s NetAdvantage, FoxNet and other resources such as Google, please complete the following tasks:
  • List TWO (2) industries you want to work in after graduation. If unsure of what you want to do, think about industries you might like to explore further.
  • For EACH industry, list:
    • Two (2) industry trade associations (ex: American Advertising Federation – AAF)
    • Two (2) industry trade journals or industry online resources; blogs, online magazines, etc. (ex: ABA Banking Journal, an industry trade journal;, an online magazine)
  • For EACH industry, list ONE (1) entry-level job or internship that you would or could apply to with your degree from Fox. Please note that you will be listing a total of TWO (2) jobs/internships.
    • ONE (1) of the two positions must come from a posting on FoxNet. Label the one from FoxNet.
    • For each job/internship, you must include: (a) company name, (b) position title, (c) an answer the traditional interview question: “Why are you interested in this position?”
    • Please print and attach both job/internship postings to your Word document.
  • For ONE industry only, choose ONE (1) company that belongs in that industry. A publicly traded company is recommended. Locate and list the following information:
    • Names of the company’s top 5 current officers with their titles
    • The company’s products or services (If many, please summarize by product lines or divisions)
    • Two current issues in the company’s industry (minimum 2-3 sentences per issue)
    • Outlook for the company’s industry (minimum 2-3 sentences)

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