Advertising and Public Relations

Separate and label the sections in parts 1 and 1A ( As displayed below)

When you get to Section 2, You will write in a in a brief discussion form of type paragraph. Attracted file as tool for assignment.

Section 1:
What is the difference between Advertising and Public Relations? Are they completely different or just aspects of the same thing? If you were given a choice between a program that offered separate Advertising and Public Relations concentrations or one that merged them into an Advertising/PR concentration, which would you choose? Submit 250–300 words.

Section 1A:
What’s your relationship with advertising? Do you reject it, skipping ads on TV and installing ad-blockers on your computer, or do you accept it as part of your contract with “free” media? (Remember, you are paying not in money but in attention and marketing-relevant information).

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