Advertisement Message

Question 1

The co-optation of feminism in advertising.

For this assignment you are to find a print advertisement that purports to celebrate women’s empowerment (this can include ads in magazines or ones found online). Provide a link to the ad or copy and paste it into your assignment. For your write-up, analyze your advertisement and use the text to evaluate the advertisement’s message.

Question 2

Compose a short essay (3 pages) summarizing the information you learned through your research into several historical women. Include:

  • The nature of life for a woman in the Middle Ages
  • The values, interests, and character of the woman
  • Similarities and differences in the life of your historical figure and the fictional women in The Canterbury Tales

Question 3

In 300 word Opposing Viewpoints: Women in Athens and Sparta”: What do the selections from Xenophon, Aristotle, and Plutarch reveal about the role of women in the Athenian household?How did the Greeks conceive the “natural” attributes of men and women and how did the Greek view of the world shape Greek conceptions of gender and gender roles? In Sparta? How do they differ? How are they similar? Why

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