Advancement in Health Management


Objective: To practice linking goal statements with results.

Scenario: The quality committee at a hospital reviewed its performance measurement data for acute myocardial infarction (AMI), congestive heart failure (CHF), and pneumonia on the Medicare Hospital Compare website ( The hospital’s performance scores for pneumonia and CHF were very similar to the scores attained by hospitals in the state and throughout the nation. The hospital’s performance on the AMI measures was not as favorable. The results suggest that the hospital approached performance improvements in a fragmented, disease-specific manner.

Instructions: Consider how organizational goals may have contributed to some improvements in care provided to patients with CHF and pneumonia while improvements in care for patients with AMI lagged. The measures for each of these conditions can be found on the Medicare website ( On the following goals worksheet, you will find examples of goal statements the hospital could have established that would have led to the results described. Critique each goal statement and document your critique on a worksheet such as the one shown here. Remember, you are critiquing the goal statement, not the merit of the intervention represented by the goal statement.

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