Advanced Social Work Practice Theory

This subject provides an opportunity for students to critically review a number of theories which currently influence social work
practice, policy and research and reflect on the theories and values which influence their own practice and the settings within which
they work. The subject aims to enhance understandings of practice knowledge, values and skill issues that arise in the tension between
managerial and professional approaches, and other issues facing contemporary social work so that a more thoughtful and reflective
practice base is attained.
Based on your reading and research of the content covered in modules 1 – 3 (Tools for examining theory in social work practice,
Contemporary issues influencing theory and practice in social work, Approaches for conceptualizing theory)
Assessment 1 requirements:
Develop your own individualized critical reflection model and cover the following in your paper:

  1. Outline your critical reflection model and explain how it relates to underlying theoretical traditions of critical reflection.
  2. Apply the steps/processes of the critical reflection model to a scenario from your own social work practice.
  3. Evaluate the usefulness of the model for examining the role of theory in your practice.
    You may use first-person tense.
    You may use appendices, especially to depict your critical reflection model. The appendix does not count towards the word limit.
    Assessment Criteria High Distinction (85-100%)
    Outline and explanation of
    individualized critical reflection model Critical reflection model is insightfully outlined and justified.
    Application of model The critical reflection model is applied to the scenario from own practice with a high level of
    insight and accuracy.
    Evaluation of model Insightful arguments about how theory contributes to practice through connected and
    integrated discussion about the critical reflection model and the application of the
    Academic referencing Referencing is comprehensive, demonstrates academic integrity, and conforms
    exactly to current APA style conventions. Carefully selected and relevant literature is
    synthesized seamlessly throughout.
    Academic writing Language features and structures are used to convey meaning effectively, clearly,
    concisely, and in a tone appropriate to the audience and purpose with no spelling,
    grammatical, or
    punctuation errors.
    This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
     be able to apply principles and processes of reflection and critical reflection to their own professional practice experience.
     be able to evaluate principles and processes of critical reflection in examining the role of theory in their own professional
    practice experience.
    No of pages: 11
    No of References: 40
    References Style: APA
    The References should be:
     within the period (2015-2022)
     highly recognized and peer -reviewed sources from recognized databases
     Websites are not accepted as Academic references

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