Nurse Manager Leadership Scenario

The questions regarding both case scenarios need to be responded .
1. Nancy is the emergency department nurse manager. For the past 2 years there have been a high turnover rate and poor morale in the department. When Nancy asks nurses who are resigning their reasons for leaving, many of them said that they “feel powerless.”

a. What issues could be present in a unit that would create feelings of powerlessness among the staff? 
b. What are some of the sources of power that might be found? 
c. How might Nancy encourage the staff to become empowered as well as defuse some of the behaviors of others contributing to the staff’s feelings of powerlessness? 

2. You are fortunate to be working in a magnet facility that is very proud of its shared governance model. You have been invited to represent your unit on one of the policy-making councils. The council is meeting to discuss the possibility returning to 8-hour shifts. This decision is based on patient satisfaction surveys and an increase in medication errors after the nurse has worked more than 8 hours. 

a. What information should you obtain from the staff on your unit prior to attending the meeting? 
b. What other information would you gather about returning to 8-hour shifts prior to attending the meeting? 
c. How will you assist your team members in understanding the role of shared governance in bringing about policy change?

– APA Format.
-Four Pages Minimum, not included Summary, Conclusion, and Bibliographic pages.
– Completely unacceptable Copy and Paste from internet, or other resources.
– Bibliographic have to be in APA Format.

-Use only scholarly sources

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