Adult patient in ICU Ventilated with severe ARDS

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Referencing assignment using EndNote

Scenario: You are looking after an adult patient in ICU ventilated with severe ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome, PF ratio ≤ 13.3 kPa or 100 mmHg). What is the evidence for ventilating your patient prone?

This assignment is in four parts:

1) Make a PICO question to help search for an answer for the above question (25 marks)

2) Conduct a search strategy in OVID Medline to find RCTs matching your PICO. The search strategy should reduce the number of articles to less than 50. Download this Medline search strategy (search history) into your assignment in word (25 marks)

Please watch the video link above.
3) Explain in less than 500 words how you designed your Medline search strategy and how you hand searched reading the title, abstract and full publication as necessary to exclude articles to narrow down to the three RCTs most relevant to your PICO question. This task does not involve a critical appraisal of the RCTs. The purpose of this assignment is for the student to demonstrate their ability to use a PICO strategy and search engine to identify appropriate articles. (25 marks)

4) Use a reference manager (EndNote or other of your choice) to make two reference lists of your three most relevant RCTs to answer your PICO question. One reference list should be in the format Vancouver style and the other APA style (25 marks).

Notes: Remember this is a slightly artificial clinical scenario for the purpose of an assignment. There are numerous systematic reviews, meta-analyses and guidelines to help you decide whether to ventilate patients with severe ARDS prone. This assignment does not ask you to find the best articles by searching the guidelines. The purpose of the assignment is for you to demonstrate that you can (a) design a PICO question, (b) use your PICO question to carry out a search strategy using OVID Medline, (c) describe how to narrow down your search to the three RCTs which most clearly match your PICO question and (d) use a reference manger to display the three RCT references in different styles.This assignment does not require any synthesis of the information.

You have not been asked to give advice on whether you believe the patient in this scenario should be ventilated prone. It does not matter if the RCT articles you have identified give conflicting results.

Please write this assignment in Microsoft Word .

Credit will be given for style and the quality of academic writing.

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