Adoption Effects

Question 1

This is for a Human Services class. Project based on foster care and adoption effects on children 0-5 years old. NO Plagiarism please

This week you will put together each of the sections related to your chosen target population into a final paper. Make sure transitions are used between each segment to unify them and that your paper follows the order below:

  • Introduction of paper and chosen population to study
  • Developmental milestones of target population supported by research
  • Case study
  • Theoretical analysis of case study
  • Summarizing conclusion
  • References page in APA format

As you are connecting each of the sections into one paper, review any feedback and suggestions you may have received from your instructor and make changes accordingly. Proofread to make sure the sections connect together smoothly.

Your paper must have at least 3 scholarly references for research and include citations in APA format on a References page at the end. The final paper should be at least 4-5 pages long, not including your cover page or References page.

Question 2

After reading Rolling & Brosi (2010), one of your required readings this week, discuss the multiple factors that should be considered when working with an individual who is a victim of intimate partner violence (IPV). Much of the IPV research focuses on women victims. Are there characteristics of IPV, both in occurrence and treatment, that are gender-specific (i.e., are they applicable to men)? Why or why not? How would you prioritize your approaches to care in the case of an IPV victim and how might you use other resources/individuals/organizations in your intervention?

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