Adjudicative Tribunals and Administrative Justice

Please complete both parts of this assignment.

The administrative justice system determines many of the matters that touch our everyday lives. According to Dr. Laverne Jacobs of Windsor Law School, many more people will find themselves before an administrative tribunal than in front of a court. However, systemic problems have been noted, and many say there has not been enough robust analysis of administrative justice reform.

If administrative tribunals are intended to improve access to justice, let’s start our reflection on the ground level – appointments to tribunals.

Please complete both exercises (1) and (2).

  •  Tribunal Independence and Impartiality

Watch the following YouTube video of a webinar from Windsor Law School and Tribunal Watch. Consider one comment made webinar participants and reflect on how access to justice may be improved by shifting focus on tribunal appointments.

Page Length – 1 Full Page

(2) Tribunal Competence and Expertise

Read the following Blog discussion on tribunal competence and expertise. In keeping with our specific focus on appointments to tribunals, reflect on one commentary and what you feel that they add to your understanding of this contentious subject.

And finally, read the following news item from Law Times regarding the recent election of Dr. Jacobs to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – the first Canadian to serve on the CRPD, and what a fantastic choice!

Page Length – 1 Full Page (half a page for each video for Exercise 2 (above)

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