Active Imagination

Question 1

Helena is now a 3½-year-old girl with two older brothers. She prefers solitary play but has an active imagination for playing make believe with her friend, Olivia (age 4) who likes to take control and can sometimes be mean. Jordan (age 5½) likes to play with Zach (age 4½), but Zach always ends up getting hurt because Jordan is aggressive and plays too rough. Audrey (age 3) runs to his rescue.

Based on the assigned reading and the scenario described above, why is “play” so important to psychosocial development? Describe a real or hypothetical example of how play can increase or inhibit prosocial behavior in young children. State the age and gender of the children involved in your example. Describe, as well, why cultural elements play a major role in play and development.

Question 2


  • Briefly describe how The NYS Division of Juvenile Justice and Opportunities for Youth (DJJOY) measures effectiveness with consumers and what type of outcomes your agency looks for.
  • Discuss why networking, system interface, and integration are intimately tied to an agency’s effectiveness and discuss the problems resulting when these concepts are not utilized in the delivery of human services.

Question 3

For the Unit 9 Assignment, you will synthesize your understanding of the theories, best practices, and current trends in human services to create a case presentation that would be used during a staffing meeting/case conference in an agency. While most of these meetings are informal, many agencies/organizations use a more formal approach. To prepare for this future job responsibility and leadership role, you will create a paper that could be used during one of these meetings. Use the paper structure below to organize the facts and recommendations for your hypothetical client.

Begin by deciding the type of agency and job that interests you, and imagine you are a professional working at this. (Note: The career planning exercises you completed for the Units 1-8 Learning Space Blog will help you with this part of the Assignment.)


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