Action Plan

• You will read Gung ho! and apply it to your life. You will write an action plan that describes what you want to change and how you will use the principles of Gung Ho to ensure your success. Be sure you cover the following:
• Described how you will apply all the components of Gung Ho to an area of your life. Perhaps you want to apply it to your job, internship or to a relationship within your close circle of friends.
• Be specific on what you want to change rather than broad. For example, do not say I want a better relationship with my coworkers (this is too broad) but rather, I want to have clearer communication between myself and my coworker so I will work on _.
o Review the SMART goal action plan at
• Lay out a step-by-step action plan-using SMART goals and addressing each component within the three principles of Gung Ho. Describe your plan and how it relates to each component.
• Be sure you cover all the elements below when addressing your action plan.
Principle 1: Spirit of the squirrel: Worthwhile work
a. Knowing we make the world a better place
b. Everyone works toward a shared goal
c. Values guide all plans, decisions, and actions

Principle 2: Way of the beaver –control of achieving a goal
a. A playing field with clearly marked territory
b. Thoughts, feelings, needs and dreams are respected, listened to and acted upon.
c. Able but challenged

Principle 3: Gift of the Goose
a. Active or passive: Must be Timely, Responsive, Unconditional, and Enthusiastic
b. No score, no game, and cheer the progress
c. E = mc2 –enthusiasm equals mission times cash and congratulations
• You will submit your paper that details the three principles of Gung Ho into your action plan by this Sunday night.
• Please make sure you tell me what you will be measuring as an indicator of change or effectiveness of your plan.
• The paper should provide all the information noted above to receive full credit.
• Week 10 you will report on how successful you were in implementing Gung Ho to your life.

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