Accounting Research Assignment 2

Only Word documents will be accepted (no Mac/Apple, pdf or google docs).   You may type your answers directly after each question.

Research the FASB codification on the issues listed below.  To access the codification, use the login information below for FASB Academic Accounting access. 

Your source for all answers will be the Codification

Instructions:  For each of the 5 cases listed below you will perform the Steps in Research that have been presented in class. 

Each company is privately held and does not use industry specific guidance. 

In selecting the correct directly on point authoritative guidance remember the following sections will not provide directly on point guidance: 

  • Section 00:  Status
  • Section 05:  Overview and Summary
  • Section 10Objective
  • Section 15:  Scope and Scope Exceptions
  • Section  20:  Glossary
  • Section 55:  Implementation Guidance and Illustrations: 

Any answers that use these sections as the directly on point guidance will be incorrect. 

This assignment will be submitted to the Submissions folder “Research Assignment # 2.   

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