Accommodation Challenges

  1. Search the internet for jobs. You can also use your organization recruiting efforts for this assignment.
  2. Select two job postings. Make them as different as possible (different types of jobs, different levels, different industries etc.). Try to select jobs with which you have some familiarity.
  3. Assume that someone with the physical or mental challenge assigned to you is by far the best qualified candidate for the job and that the candidate has requested an accommodation.
  4. Based on the disability assigned to you, you must decide and describe what aspects of the challenge that candidate potentially possesses.
  5. With those aspects of the challenge in mind, research the physical challenge, noting how many Americans are afflicted, and the several likely impacts the disability could have on the employee’s ability to perform the two posted jobs you have selected.
  6. In the form of a memo to the Director of HR, devise a customized Reasonable Accommodations Plan that will comprehensively provide a plan for a successful work experience appropriate to the challenge. Your ideas for accommodation may reflect conventional examples, but at least two should qualify as unusual or creative. Submit your recommendation with your rationales for each respective accommodation.
  7. If there is a reason why reasonable accommodation cannot be made, please specifically state your finding in your memo to the HR Director.
  8. In addition, to reasonable accommodation, please indicate if there are policies/procedures, if any, that would need to implement in the workplace.
  9. Make sure to include your plan, tailored to the employee, for ensuring that the interactive process is handled with confidence, competence and sensitivity. Suggestions: You may present a list of guidelines for the discussion, with particular reference to the challenge.
  10. Please make sure you cite appropriate sources and all references you have used to conduct your research.

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