Academic Article

This assignment is intended to develop your ability to read an academic article critically.

Read the article:

Measuring the influence of stress and burnout in teacher-child relationship

Francesca Giovanna Maria Gastaldi, Tiziana Pasta, Claudio Longobardi,

Laura Elvira Prino and Rocco Quaglia

Write a critique of the article using the headings below to structure your critique. Note that the questions provided are merely a guide and are intended to provoke your thinking. You may discuss issues not addressed in the questions.

Research Area and Research Questions.

  •  What is the focus and purpose of the research?
  •  What are the research questions(s) and / or hypotheses that guided the research?
  •  What are the variables that are investigated?
  •  What is the theoretical perspective that underpins the study?


  •  What is the research employed for the study?
  •  How is the sample selected?
  •  What are the data collection instruments used in the study?
  •  What, if anything relating to the methodology would you do differently and why?

Findings and Discussion.

  •  What are the conclusions drawn by the researchers? Are they supported by the data?
  •  Is there congruence between the research questions, the methodology and the findings of the study?

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