20th Century Literature

Every student will deliver an oral presentation on based on a scholarly article that addresses the novel that we are reading on that day. For example, if we are scheduled to read a section of White Noise on the day you have signed up for, then your scholarly article should be about that novel. Scholarly articles can be found in online databases found the University Library Website. Examples include: JSTOR, Project Muse, and Literature Online (LION). Please contact me if you have questions about what constitutes a scholarly article.

There will be three parts to this assignment. First, you will have to present a summary of the author’s argument for the class. Second, you must provide textual examples of the author’s argument from the novel. And Third, you must critically respond to the authors article, noting any inconsistences, contradictions, need for further explanation, or ways in which your reading of the novel differs from or supplements that of the author. Students should present a coherent argument that shows independent thinking rather than repeating ideas already discussed.  After each presentation, class members are encouraged to ask or comment on what has been discussed by their classmate. Each student will speak for about 10-15 minutes on the topic she has chosen, researched and planned.  It will be followed by 5-10 minutes of questions from the rest of the class.  Assessment of the presentation will be based on the appropriateness and quality of information, organization, delivery, keeping to and distribution of time and dealing with questions from listeners.

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