2018 Regional Sales to Health Clubs Excel

Assignment 08

K02 MS Office Applications I

  1. Start Excel and open e01_Regional_Sales. Save the presentation using your own name as Lastname_Firstname_Regional_Sales
  2. Change the Theme to Circuit. Set the width of column A to 95 Pixels and the widths of columns B:H to 110 pixels.
  3. Merge and center the title across columns A:H. Apply the Title style. Merge and center the subtitle across columns A:H and apply the Heading 1 Style.
  4. Apply Center formatting to all seven column titles. Apply the Heading 4 Cell Style.
  5. Use the Quick Analysis tool to Sum the Quarter 1 Sales. Copy across to the remaining quarters.
  6. Use the Quick Analysis tool to Sum the Northeast Sales for the four quarters. Use the second sum option which will display the column selection in yellow. Copy the formula down to cell F7.
  7. Apply the Accounting Number format to the first row of sales figures and to the total row.  Apply the comma style to the remaining sales figures. Format the totals in row 7 with the Total Cell Style.
  8. Insert a new row 6 with the row title Midwest Add the following figures for each quarter: 110975.45, 119764.92, 101549.40, and 120598.14 Copy the formula from cell F5 to cell F6.
  9. In cell G4, construct a formula to calculate the Percent of Total Sales for the first region. Copy the formula down to the remaining regions. To the completed percentages, apply percent style with two decimal places. Center the percentages.
  10. In the range H4:H7 insert line Sparklines. Do not include the totals. Show the Sparkline markers. Apply the Sparkline style Colorful 1.
  11. Insert a Clustered Column Chart that represents the sales figures for the four quarters. The regions should be the x category and quarters the legend. 
  12. Apply Chart Style 7 and Color 2 under Colorful. Position the chart so that the upper right corner of the chart aligns with cell F10. Change the chart title to 2018 Regional Sales to Health Clubs
  13. Deselect the chart. Change the page orientation to landscape. Center the worksheet horizontally on the page. Insert a footer with the file name in the left section.
  14. Enter the tags of health club, sales. For the subject, type your course name and section number. Your name should display as the author.
  15. Save the workbook. Print a PDF electronic image. Close the file and Excel.

Grading Rubric

Please refer to the rubric on the next page for the grading criteria for this assignment.

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