Winter Survival Exercise

Question Description

The situation:

You just crash landed somewhere in the woods of northern Minnesota or southern Manitoba It is 11:32 AM in mid-January. The small plane in which you were traveling was destroyed except for the frame. The pilot and co-pilot have been killed, but no one else is seriously injured.

The crash came suddenly before the pilot had time to radio for help or inform anyone of your position. Since your pilot was trying to avoid a storm, you know the plane was considerably off course. The pilot announced shortly before the crash that you were eighty miles northwest of a small town that is nearest known habitation.

You are in a wilderness area made up of thick woods, broken by many lakes and rivers. The last weather report indicated that the temperature would reach minus 25 degrees in the daytime and minus forty at night. The men and women in your party are wearing business attire (including pants and jackets), street shoes, and overcoats.

While escaping from the plane your group salvaged fifteen items. Your task is to rank these items according to their importance for your survival and then rank them as a group.


  1. First, you will need to rank the items, 1 through 15, listed by order of importance in your opinion. The items are listed below.
  2. Next, the group has to …
    • Decide if you are staying at the crash site or leaving…everyone has to do the same thing (no splitting up of your group)…this will play a role in how you rank the items as a team.
    • Now rank the items as a team.
    • Choose a team captain and post your findings as a response below.

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