volunteer Experience


1. Several studies show that volunteer experience on a resume is vital. One study with hiring managers showed that over 80% of them were more likely to choose a candidate that listed volunteer experience on their resume and even more, consider it more important than some flaws viewed on a resume. When it comes to health professional schools, an application absent of volunteer experience is more than likely tied to an applicant that will be absent of an interview offer. Why is there such a significant amount of emphasis placed on volunteer/service work and do you believe there should be a focus on this? In what ways do you believe volunteer experience could overshadow a blemish on an application you submit?  

After viewing the two Ted Talks below, please answer the following: (Links to an external site.)

2. Think of 2 or 3 moments in your life where you had to be resilient. What are the strategies you used to get through these situations? Without sharing more than you feel comfortable; do you believe that everyone is resilient to some extend?

If you don’t believe everyone is resilient, how does one uniquely exemplify resilience?

If you do believe everyone is resilient, how does one standout if everyone contains the same trait?

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