Verb Tenses and Form

1. write a multi-paragraph thesis-driven writing response to a writing prompt (approximately 700 words long)

2. apply process-writing strategies (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing)

3. incorporate one or more class readings, using appropriate citation format for quotation, summary and/or paraphrasing

4. demonstrate control of English verb tenses and forms


You are going to write a short paper in a narrative style where you will give your viewpoint through storytelling

and personal examples. Many disciplines use narrative writing so it’s important to become familiar with the

structure and purpose of a narrative. For example: Sociology, Psychology, Law Studies, and Medicine are just a

few samples of the numerous disciplines that use narrative writing.


Whether we have thought about it or not, we all have a relationship to nature. The natural environment is there

waiting as soon as we step outside of the door of our homes, dorm rooms or apartments. It’s the blue or hazy

sky around us; the rain that touches our face, the stream that runs by us or the still water in the ponds we might

discover on the grounds of U.C. Davis campus. Nature is the soothing or annoying sounds of birds and insects,

the lizard the darts across our paths, and the trees that we can lean against. Nature is well tended gardens and

overgrown paths. This assignment asks you to describe your experiences with nature and to reflect on these

experiences. What does nature mean to you? What does it represent? It’s important to understand that there is

no right or wrong answer to this question. The goal is to find the experiences and then explore what they mean

to you.


Write a narrative essay that focuses on a meaningful experience or several related experiences to illustrate how

you relate to nature, i.e. what nature means or represents for you. Your narrative can be drawn from any time

in your life. You should refer to at least one of the readings below as you reflect on your chosen experience(s)

and its significance.

Related Readings:

1. “From New York to Romania, restoration ecology is helping nature heal (and maybe humanity, too)”

by Mihnea Tanasescu

2. “Replacing Vacant Lots With Green Spaces Can Ease Depression in Urban Communities”

by Rhitu Chatterjee

3. “Are we raising a generation of nature-phobic kids?”

by James Campbell

Assignment Requirements:

Your final draft must be 650-750 words long.

There should be a main idea that holds your paper together (purpose of your story).

You must use at least one quote or idea from the assigned readings

Your paper should be double-spaced with 12-point font and should include a heading and an

effective title.

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