Vacuum Cleaners

Question 1
Super Clean Products manufactures robotic vacuum cleaners. It has been selling a standard model for three years and in the last 12 months introduced a deluxe model. Super clean has been keeping records of customer warranty claims. The introduction of the deluxe model has increased sales to the point where sales of both products are similar.
As sales have increased there has been an increase in warranty claims. The production manager would like to know if the average number of warranty claims per month differs between the standard and deluxe models. A new timekeeping system has recently been introduced for workers of the production lines to help determine how much time workers spend working on each of the two models.
The production manager would like to find out the workers’ views about problems they encountered in using the new system.
a. Based on the above scenario draft an exploratory research question.    (4 marks)
b. Based on the above scenario draft a causal research question.    (4 marks)
c. Based on the above scenario draft a descriptive research question.    (4 marks)
Question 2
Explain the deductive approach to research and inductive approach to research. Also include in your answer an explanation about how these approaches align with positivism and constructionism (ensure you use in-text references to your sources and include your references in your bibliography list at the end of your assignment).    (8 marks)

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