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a. What is plagiarism and why is it important for you to avoid it?    (3 marks)
b. When should an in-text reference be used in an assignment or report?    (3 marks)
c. The following excerpt is from page 7 of the book “How to succeed at your studies”, published by Good Books Ltd, Melbourne, 2018 and written by W. Done:
University study is like attending a smorgasbord restaurant. There are many very helpful resources available to students. However some students are like the person at a smorgasbord restaurant who is expecting waiter service. To have a good experience at a smorgasbord restaurant, you need to get out of your chair. You need to go and view the food on offer and after viewing all the food determine which dishes you will choose. You need to serve yourself. You then return to your table and eat your meal. To have good success at university use the resources available on the study desk for your course and those available on the university’s website. You’ll find the study desk has links to various resources to help with your assignments and further your knowledge. Doing the activities provided will also add to your knowledge and help in assignment preparation. Don’t be like the person sitting at the restaurant table wondering why they are hungry.
(i) Paraphrasing information from question 1.c. and demonstrate the use of in-text referencing.    (1.5 marks)
(ii) Write a short paragraph which incorporates one direct quote using a portion of the information shown at 1.c. and use in-text referencing.    (1.5 marks)
d. Lyn Daff, Paul de Lange and Beverley Jackling published an article in the journal Issues in Accounting Education, in August 2012. The article was titled: A Comparison of Generic Skills and Emotional Intelligence in Accounting Education. It was published in volume 27, number three, on pages 627-646. Show how this article would appear in a bibliography using Harvard referencing.    (3 marks)

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