Trip to Northern Side of Pakistan.

After going to Phillips Andover Academy for Summer School and Global Young Leaders Conference in the US, I decided to take a trip to Northern side of my country Pakistan to understand the different mindset between the two. People of Sakardu (city) were a lot simpler and living a hard life to earn a living with no proper infrastructure, whereas it was other way around in America. I decided to go to Deosai after Sakardu to study about himalayan brown bears which are endangered because of poaching and habitat loss. I researched about their eating habits and mapped their footprints and traces to find the place with higher density of bears in the area. Deosai is the 2nd highest plateau in the world at 4114 meters above sea-level, known as ‘the land of giants’ and popular for its flora and fauna. I camped there for 3 days to understand the behaviour of brown bears and led my team of 5 people in the research and raising awareness. I decided go to Hunza another famous northern city of Pakistan to teach students of Hunza Public School and help them set a computer lab in their School, and later on went on a picnic with the students of that school. I realised that the Northern side of Pakistan was totally different from how I spend my life in Lahore a very famous and well developed city in Pakistan. I also decided to take this trip to overcome my fear of heights and camping and which I managed to do very well. *The essay should be in a synchronised fashion linking one point with another and providing some details.

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