Treatment (Service) Plan

Treatment (Service) PlanThe purpose of this assignment is to practice and develop social work skills in treatment/service planning.  Students will prepare and submit a Treatment/Service Plan with your client. 
The Treatment Plan builds on the information presented in the Biopsychosocial spiritual-cultural assessment so that there is a logical progression from content written in that BPSSC Assignment to the treatment plan devised for this assignment.
 Select at least two problems presented by the client. One of these may be the problem selected for Quiz # 4. Prioritize these problems using a rationale such as Maslow’s hierarchy, client readiness or preference, legal mandate. (See PowerPoint lecture) Work through each problem separately, following the models used in Chapter 6 and on the PowerPoint. Note: Present one problem at a time to completion. Present the problems in terms of unmet needs. For each problem, evaluate levels of intervention. Should an intervention be planned for the micro, mezzo and/or macro level? Might these interventions be effective? What are the pros and cons of each intervention? For each problem, create a tentative strategy or strategies. For each problem, write a goal that provides direction for work. For each problem, write at least one measurable objective that includes performance, conditions, and standards. (Who will do what by when and to what extent)

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