Transformation Process

Responses directly to essay question will be two paragraphs of about 400 words. The first paragraph answers the question entire question. The second paragraph is an example of the concept in use, or how it could be used, in your business environment or based upon your experience as a consumer. Copying material from the book does not constitute a response; you must use new terms and topics from the book in your own prose and then discuss how your organization might benefit from the concept. Copying material from the text does not receive much credit; use your own words to respond to discussion questions. 

Week 1 Essay Questions

1. Describe a transformation process within an organization that is familiar to you; list all inputs, components, and the transformation process that produces either a product or service the organization delivers its customers. Make sure you mention all of the parts of the transformation process. (400 Words Minimum)

2. What is the difference between a “products or goods” versus “services”? What are some of the similarities and differences between the two? Can services be inventoried? (Last Question is Lecture Based) Give some examples based upon your experience as a customer or from your professional experience. (400 Words Minimum)

3. Many people state that their organization has no customers. Is it possible for a business, or department within an enterprise, not to have customers? Why or why not? How does the customer influence an operations strategy? What is the difference between a strategy and an operations plan? (400 Words Minimum)

4. Post a Summary: Include what you have learned and how you will use that information as a professional or as a consumer. (The summary around 150-200 words).

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