Traditional Manufacturer

Question 1

Compare and contrast Dell’s business model with that of a traditional manufacturer. Where does IT and JIT come together to create success for Dell? What elements of IT make it work?

Using APA format write a 1,000 word report with a minimum of two references addressing the above items. Use outside citations to support your response.

Question 2

What would be a common list of issues you should be taught about, if you were about to be sent to China to conduct business?

Question 3

Describe the benefits of knowing the mean, median and mode for a set of data in your career field and how it could affect your job, positively. Please add two references

Question 4

Provide brief summaries of three (3) separate examples of specific public sector organizations from each of the respective levels of government indicated below:

  1. Municipal – city, county, or school board (e.g. Miami-Dade Department of Transportation and Public Works)
  2. State (e.g. Florida Department of Transportation)
  3. Federal. (e.g. United States Department of Transportation)

Describe the relationship between the organizations from the different levels of government, and discuss how they may or may not interact or collaborate. Cite sources.


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