Trade, Demand, and Supply

  • The World Trade Organization has its advocates and is adversaries. Find out more about the organization by visiting its website, (WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION. Retrieved July 13, 2015, from What kinds of activities does the organization support? What rules and regulations does it enforce? Who are its member states and how is membership achieved?
  • The Thomas Register is a good source of information on manufacturing equipment. Visit the register at: (BUYERS & ENGINEERS One FREE platform. Six powerful applications. Retrieved July 13, 2015, from Link to each site and describe the kinds of data that are available to a company making a specific equipment decision.
  • View this video ( on demand forecasting and write a brief summary report on reflecting trends and cycles in demand and discuss what forecasting techniques you might use when patterns in historical demand exist. 1. Demand forecasting | ZDNet. Retrieved July 13, 2015.
  • How have transportation companies reacted to the renewed interest in lean production? See what Federal Express, UPS, DHL, and Yellow Freight say about JIT or lean production on their websites.

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