The Nation’s Capital Quintessential Bakery

Issue Date: March 10, 2022 (Office of Policy will insert the date the document was signed)
Superseded: ICE Bakery: Pastry Equity Protocol (2016), ICE Bakery: Pastry & Coffee Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Regulation (2018), List all superseded documents

  1. Purpose/Background. The ICE Bakery was created in June of 2015 in the heart of Downtown DC in Freedom Plaza. The need for this policy is to ensure equity is provided to consumers at the ICE Bakery. This section should be a concise explanation of the need for the policy and some historical or contextual information that clarifies the issue(s) being addressed. This could include a statement of the agency’s commitment to a value or strategic goal or reference to a statutory, regulatory, Executive Order, DHS policy, GAO/IG recommendation, stewardship, or other requirement the Directive aims to satisfy. It should be in paragraph form.
  2. Policy. ICE implemented this policy to ensure the ICE Bakery carried out equitable, diverse, inclusionary pastries and coffee to consumers. (ERO) Enforcement and Removal Office services as Field Officers that remove all bias, corruption, and inequity within the ICE Bakery and (HSI) Humanity Sugar Inspectors will inspect the brick-and-mortar establishment. This should be a clear statement of the intent and objective of the Directive in paragraph form. The policy section should clearly state who the policy applies to, define the circumstances under which the policy applies, and define important conditions or restrictions of the policy. All acronyms should be spelled out.

2.1. Standards: Additional sections can be added for organization of information. The policy section should explain the overarching
2.2 Examination:

  1. Equity Officer -Definitions. The following definitions apply for purposes of this Directive only.
    If there are no definitions, insert “None” directly after the section heading. Terms defined should be ordered alphabetically.

3.1. Diversity Coordination Definition 1. Definitions should be numbered and should not be circular, meaning the defined term should not be included as part of the definition.

3.2. Inclusion Induction Definition 2. Definitions should not include responsibilities or procedural information. Only terms used elsewhere in the Directive should be included.

3.3. Humanity Sugar Inspectors – definition Sample – HROs should be defined as the following: Headquarters Responsible Officials (HROs). Executive Associate Directors (EADs) of Enforcement and Removal Operations, Homeland Security Investigations, and Management and Administration (M&A); the Principal Legal Advisor; the Associate Director of the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR); and the Assistant Directors, Officers, or equivalent positions who report directly to the Director, Deputy Director, or Chief of Staff.

3.4. Enforcement and Removal Officer
3.5 FRO should be defined as the following: Field Responsible Official (FRO). The highest-ranking official in any ICE field location. This includes Special Agents in Charge, Field Office Directors, ICE Attachés, Chief Counsels, and any other officials who have been designated, in writing by the Director.

  1. Responsibilities. Responsibilities should not include tasks or duties that are part of routine work or the general duties of a position or office. Items included here should be specific to the policy at issue and should focus on accountability for oversight, management, or administration; as well as identifying a position or office responsible for specific assignments, action items, or procedural requirements that are specific to the policy.

4.1. Position Title. Positions should be ordered starting with the most senior and working down. The ICE Director is typically not included as he or she is the signatory of the Directive.

4.2. Position Title. This section should list the responsibilities of specific positions (referred to by title) or ICE offices empowered to implement or oversee specific provisions of the policy. The position title or ICE office should be in bold font. Auto-numbering should not be used.

1) Follow this numbering format for section 4.




  1. Procedures/Requirements.

5.1. This section should list all necessary procedures or requirements, or both, unless the directive will refer to a separate guidance document. This section may simply list cross references to external documents or sources containing the implementing procedures relating to the policy.

5.2. Procedures are not suggested guidelines but are mandatory actions, tasks, or processes for implementing and complying with the policy. This section should explain how the policy will be implemented, executed, and/or administered.

5.3. If included in the body of the policy document, procedures or requirements may be drafted either in paragraph or outline format depending on how complicated the procedures or requirements are and whether cross-references are necessary (in which case, outline format is preferable, as detailed below). If there are no procedures to list, insert “None” directly after the section heading.

1) Follow this numbering format for section 4.




  1. Recordkeeping. If the directive mandates the creation of any type of record (e.g., documenting something in writing, completing a form, etc…), this section must explicitly state how the records will be stored and maintained and who will be responsible for overseeing the records.
  2. Authorities/References.

7.1. This should be a numbered list of legal or other authorities that the policy is based on. The list should be order by level of authority.

7.2. This may include United States Code (U.S.C.), Code of Federal Regulation (C.F.R.), Executive Orders; DHS Directives, Memorandum, or Instructions; and ICE Directives, Memorandum, etc.

  1. Attachments.

8.1. This should be a numbered list of all attached documents referred to in the policy (i.e., forms, templates, etc.).

8.2. If there are no attachments, insert “None” directly after the section heading.

  1. No Private Right. This document provides only internal ICE policy guidance, which may be modified, rescinded, or superseded at any time without notice. It is not intended to, does not, and may not be relied upon to create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law by any party in any administrative, civil, or criminal matter. Likewise, no limitations are placed by this guidance on the otherwise lawful enforcement or litigative prerogatives of ICE.

Acting Director
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

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