The Mass Media

You may earn a maximum of fifty (50) possible points by doing the following.

Write a report on either a significant director or actor that contributed greatly to the film/movie/cinema industry. NOTE: If you are not sure, contact me for clarification in determining if your director or actor/actress that falls into this category properly.

– OR –

Document an event that helped to stimulate improvements or create awareness in film/movies/cinema. This event is something you feel was worthy of changing the this industry for the better or even it was out-of-control controversial.NOTE: If you are not sure, contact me for clarification in determining if your event that falls into this category properly.

Pretty much the same rules apply to this as The Mass Media BIG Assignment Term Paper:
This essay should be at least 4(full pages)or more in length (No Exceptions), double-spaced and typed. Cover page is not included as one of the 4 pages. (DO NOT hand in anything less than 4 pages. NO EXCEPTIONS!) Also Do Not use the textbook as a source or reference
Any quotes or information taken verbatim from a source must be footnoted at the bottom of the corresponding page.

The final paragraph should include your own opinion supporting your view on the subject matter.

NOTE: Any paper not giving proper credit for source material will not be given credit.
Make sure to put your name and id.# on the front/cover
page of your extra credit assignment, if you DO NOT do so, you will not receive credit

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