The Benefits Of Greeting People


Write a 2 pages informative speech on “ THE BENEFITS OF GREETING PEOPLE”.

Please include a 1 page outline.

Rubric Detail

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Top of Form

Name: Informative Speech –

Central IdeaPoints: (5.45454%) Central idea weak, overly general, bland.Points: (7.27272%) An acceptable central idea is given in a complete sentence.Points: (9.0909%) A central idea that sets tone & direction for the speech.
IntroductionPoints: (5.45454%) Attention-getter is weak.Points: (7.27272%) Attention-getter gets audience involved (mentally or physically).Points: (9.0909%) Attention-getter grabs the audience, creates information hunger.
Speaker CredibilityPoints: (5.45454%) Weak and limited tie to topic; not much credibility established.Points: (7.27272%) Clearly shows interest and personal connection to topicPoints: (9.0909%) Shows strong, unique interest and personal tie to topic.
Body and TransitionsPoints: (5.45454%) Patterns and transitions were unclear and difficult to follow.Points: (7.27272%) Patterns and transitions were present throughout the speech.Points: (9.0909%) Clear and strong patterns and transitions throughout the speech.
ConclusionPoints: (5.45454%) Does not restate the message and does not summarize the main points.Points: (7.27272%) Some restatement of message and some summary of main points.Points: (9.0909%) Clearly restates the message and summarizes the main points.
SourcesPoints: (0.00%) No sources are mentioned.Points: (7.27272%) Some sources are mentioned.Points: (9.0909%) All sources are cited correctly.
Vocal Rate, Pitch, Pauses and VolumePoints: (5.45454%) Needs to work on volume / articulation / rate/ pitch / pauses.Points: (7.27272%) Volume / articulation / rate / pitch / pauses sometimes distract from the messagePoints: (9.0909%) Rate, pitch, pauses, volume and articulation enhance message.
Purposeful MovementPoints: (5.45454%) Movements are weak or distracting at times.Points: (7.27272%) Movements add a little energy to the speech.Points: (9.0909%) Movements greatly enhance the message; give it life.
Extemporaneous DeliveryPoints: (5.45454%) Significant reading of the speech.Points: (7.27272%) Somewhat extemporaneous delivery. Regular use of notes and some reading.Points: (9.0909%) Solid extemporaneous delivery, only subtly using notes for specific details.
Time LimitPoints: (5.45454%) Speaker was over/under time limit.Points: (7.27272%) Speaker was within 30 seconds of 5 minutesPoints: (9.0909%) Speaker was within time limits of 4 – 5 minutes
OutlinePoints: (0.00%) No outline submittedPoints: (1.81818%) Outline did not conform to the preparation outline and is missing several components. Please refer to page 139, which will also help to strengthen the organizational component of your speech.Points: (9.0909%) Outline was well done; this was evident in the organizational component of your speech.

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