The Beer Game

  1. Form into groups (with 3-4 people in each group).
  2.  Play the Beer Game (Links to an external site.)! in week 3 in the class. This is a synchronized game. So it’s very important that all players are available at the same time.
  3. Through a trial (10-minutes) get to know the processes and collect necessary data as a base for the formal simulation.
  4. Choose to work as a retailer wholesaler distributor, or manufacturer and play with 3 other groups in your class.
  5. Discuss your strategy with your teammate and makes notes of decisions and your justifications (these notes will be used in your assignment).
  6. Collect your notes and analyse the outcome of your decisions and the decisions of other teams. (this will be shared with you upon completion of the game)
  7. Analyse the flow of information and data management strategies throughout the supply chain. What would you do differently if you play again?
  8. Discuss supply chain resilience and analyse implications of potential disruptions to this supply chain.
  9. Based on the above analysis select an aspect of the chain that should or could be improved. 
  10. Support your argument using a literature review.
  11. Prepare a report summarising your reflections and findings.
  12. Each group needs to show team spirit and collaborate to complete the following tasks from Week 3 to 5.
  13. Every team meeting should have a “meeting minute”  to be submitted along with the final report as an appendix. 

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