Ted Talk

Your 5-6 page essay will analyze the reasoning in the Ted Talk of your choice. Your analysis of the Ted Talk could include the following.

Identify the claim of the author.
Identify the support of the claim
Identify the intended audience you infer from the topic and style or tone of the speaker.
Discuss the type of reasoning in the claim and support. Is it inductive or deductive or both. Give examples.
Identify the appeals used, logical appeal, emotional appeal, credibility appeal, also known as, logos, pathos, and ethos.
Identify any hidden assumptions in the argument and discuss their validity
Discuss the structure or order of the talk. Introduction, body, conclusion.
Identify any logical fallacies in the talk.
Express your reaction to and opinion about the claim that author is making.
Discuss the effectiveness of the talk. Was it persuasive, informative, emotionally charged for you?
Remember you can use the skills you learned about summarizing and identifying the author’s purpose, claim, audience, and tone, and being able to identify what the talk is saying vs doing, This essay will give you the opportunity to dig deeper into the text and organize your analysis in the way you think best.

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