Technology Philosophy

Question 1

Some of the best mission statements are simple, straightforward and to the point.Writing one like that can be complicated.Review information on what a mission statement is, how to write a good one and some examples with evaluations.You have two tasks to complete for this assignment.

  • Write a mission statement for Triple Rock Brewery
  • Evaluate the mission statement you just wrote.Review the nine components listed above and indicate in the appropriate box in the matrix whether or not each of the nine elements is found in the mission statement.If yes, identify elements located within the mission statement that address that component.If no, tell me why you chose to leave that element out.
  • Write three pages

Question 2

  • Describe the supply chain required to support the manufacturing of the product.
  • Describe the supply chain required for the product to be delivered to the customer.
  • Describe the systems in place to manage for reliability of the supply chain.

*** Product Selection: Boeing Commercial Aircraft

*** 750 Words minimum

*** 3 references EACH BULLET


Question 3

Write a 3 pages article about the following question.

Industry Impact

1. Who benefits the most from the current food supply chain in the us?

2. What are the issues that the country face because of the current system? (Will the food industry in the U.S, be sustainable in the long-run.

3. How American supply chain affect the industry.

4. The link between supply chain and industry.

5. Who is the most benefit corporation from supply chain.

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