Technology and Multimedia in the Classroom

Advances over the last few decades have brought innovative and creative technological tools to the forefront of learning. Teachers must be aware of these tools to prepare students for professional and educational opportunities in the 21st century. Today’s students are digital natives, and they often respond better to media than to traditional methods of teaching. Having a strong technology repertoire is important for today’s educator.
Create a matrix detailing five multimedia, technology, games, apps, and other technological tools for teaching reading and writing to struggling readers/writers.
In 100 words per tool, address the following:
* App/technology tool description, tool location (i.e., online, offline through software, through a game console, etc.), and the cost
* Age level or academic level for which this technology is appropriate
* The purpose and application of the technology to ELA content area (vocabulary, reading, grammar, writing, etc.)
* Advantages and drawbacks of using this technology for ELA instruction
* How technology can be used to engage struggling students and increase literacy skill development.
Support your findings with 3 resources.

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