Teamwork Concept

Apply teamwork concepts to an organizational problem.

PC-1.2: Contribute to team goals and objectives through active participation and collaboration.

The focus of your readings in Chapters 8, 9, and 10 are motivation, groups, and teams. This reading along with your learning activities should be of assistance in completing this assessment.

Often organizations use adhoc teams to address particular projects, tasks, or initiatives.

Read the scenario below, read the team conversation provided, and address the checklist items regarding a work team.


Artificial Intelligence Models (i.e., AIM) Inc. is a very profitable new company that although in business just two years, has already doubled in size in terms of the workforce and quadrupled their profits. The CEO/founder has stepped aside recently in favor of a new CEO in the wake of employees’ frustration and social media messages about the benefits inequity and lack of motivation for teams at the company. The new CEO wants to change the way worker salaries are determined and find ways to motivate the project teams. The project teams typically are assigned to create and launch and then maintain an artificial intelligence product such as a robot that performs routine tasks at a plant or in an office environment.

Your four-person employee team is tasked by the new CEO with determining a general proposed solution to the inequity in pay at the company and with addressing the current lack of motivation for some of the employees. There are a total of 125 employees which includes 7 executives, 118 service and development personnel (of which 60 are software technicians) that work in project teams of 18 employees each. Each software technician receives $120,000 /yr., the customer service and all other full-time staff including sales and marketing personnel receive a salary of $35,000 per year. The executives, including the CEO and two vice presidents (V.P.s, manufacturing and finance) receive $500,000 per year and stock in the company, and the software engineering manager, sales/marketing manager, customer service manager (your role in this scenario), and an installation services manager, receive $80,000 per year.

Your four-person scenario team consists of a software engineer, a salesperson, an installation manager, and you as the customer service manager.

Access your team’s input.

Checklist: Minimum Submission Requirements

  • Describe the problems based on the scenario.
  • Describe the overall goal(s) and objectives of your assigned team.
  • Describe the tasks necessary to realize a successful response to the new CEO, allocating tasks for each member.
  • Provide a proposed overall salary/benefits solution and provide your team’s reasoning. Support the solution with a short citation from each of two (2) scholarly* articles (citations and references in APA format).
  • Apply at least two teamwork concepts and at least six (6) team process steps from the Learning Activity for improving the company project team effectiveness, and motivation at AIM Inc. to address the assigned response to the CEO.
  • Explain how you, in the role of a team member, contributed to the employees’ team success to address the CEO’s concerns.

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