Team Work

 Write a paper (suggested length of 2 pages) in which you reflect on your experience with your virtual team by doing the following:

1.  Explain what functions each individual performed in the assigned team roles.

a.  Discuss how a strength of one team member affected the team.

b.  Discuss how a weakness of one team member affected the team.

i.   Discuss how to mitigate the weakness of that team member.

2.  Evaluate the team’s communication practices.

a.  Describe how the team solicited individual feedback and communicated among team members.

3.  Evaluate how the team-built collaboration.

4.  Evaluate how the team managed or planned to manage conflicts.

5.  Explain the team’s decision-making process.

6.  Discuss the various stages of team development as it relates to what your team experienced.

Note: You must use Tuckman’s model to guide your discussion.

7.  Explain how team members used power bases and influence to achieve team objectives.

Note: You must use Raven’s Power Bases and Influence article to guide your discussion.

8.  Discuss at least two strengths and at least two weaknesses of your team as a whole.

a.  Recommend at least two ways the team could have improved its overall performance.

i.   Justify your recommendation of the two ways the team could have improved its overall performance.

Team Name: Highflyers       

Role  Team Member NameHow will this structure allow the team to be more effective?
Team Leader    RositaEach member is in a role that best utilizes our strengths, this way each member is comfortable in their role. 
Presentation CompilerSarahUsing Google documents allows our team to work on the assigned task at their leisure.
Team Member    Renee (ME)This structure allows the team members to work together based on specialty within our different professions.
Timekeeper      SamDue to being in a different time zone, assuming this role will enable team effectiveness to ensure that the team adheres to established deadlines.
Multimedia Presentation SectionTeam Member(s)Career
Identification of significant teamwork problemRosita(Business)
Analysis of the problem, including causes and effects of the problemSarah(Human Resources)
Identification of five best practices of high performing teamsRenee (ME)(Special Education Teacher)
Proposal of a solution to the teamwork problemSam(Teacher)
  1. Identify at least three team goals.

1. Communicate effectively

2. Meet our established deadlines

3. Work efficiently together as a team

3.Determine the timeline you will follow during your presentation development. Provide the detailed timeline here, with specific due dates for completion of steps the team will take toward completion, as well as the actual completion date.

The team will be meeting virtually Central Standard Time until assignment completion, and we will follow the suggested timeline.

4. Determine the team decision-making policy to be implemented (by consensus? by majority vote?).

The team decision-making policy to be implemented by majority votes.

5. Create a plan for ongoing communication and file sharing. (What will be the primary method for communication? How will urgent issues be communicated to the team? How often will the team meet or communicate each week? Etc.)

The plan for ongoing communication and file sharing is as follows:

  • Google Drive
  • Urgent – emails, texts
  • Weekly meeting and using technology in Google as needed to communicate

6. Create a conflict management strategy that will be implemented during the presentation development.

We will be using a collaborative conflict management strategy. We each bring different skills and expertise from different fields (Education, Human Resources, and Business). We will all work together to lean into each other’s strengths to accomplish desired goals, overcome objectives, and conflict. This conflict management style creates opportunities for diversity and inclusion which each team member will be able to share their expertise and others can gain knowledge.

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