System Failure

Question 1

Your job is to produce a four-five pages paper on the organism Human papilloma virus. The purpose of the exercise is to demonstrate the ability to sift through and synthesize information from sources outside of class.


The paper should present an overview of the assigned organism. Your overview should touch on most,if not all, of the following topics.

·A brief history of the organism

·Any diseases caused by the organism

·Any beneficial uses of the organism

·Unique aspects ofthe organism (i.e. unique physiology orgenetics)

Use pictures, acceptable references,where needed(MLA or APA).The written paper should be approximately four-five pages, double spaced.

Please site all your references, and Do Not copy and paste.

Question 2

1. Discuss one aspect of Tier 1, 2, or 3.

(Should be 450 words and Include 2 references in APA format).

2.Equipment and system failure:

  • Search for information on system and equipment failure on your favourite search engine.
  • List what might be done to provide fault tolerance for a single system.
  • List what might be done to provide fault tolerance at a data center level.

Response Should be 600 words and mention atleast 3 references in APA format.

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