System Development

Question 1

explain how you could build a system

get the research into the development of Anti-phisihing system particularly against phishing email since it is considered the most common way of attack. The primary idea is to examine emails by dividing them into Header and Body and the combination of content & behaviour (Hybrid) features will be extracted by using a mining tool. Those features will be assigned with risk value ‘severe, ‘medium or ‘low’ which helps in user awareness. The
outcome is passed on to the second layer i.e. Neural Network which produces the final evaluation of the email marking it as ‘safe’, ‘partially safe’ or ‘phishy’. This detection tool will help to protect users from phishing attacks in the non-secured environment too”


Question 2

Write a two to three paragraph (roughly 150-200 words) persuasive statement, explaining why your university is a good place to get an education. Your audience is other adult learners and prospective adult learners. You can choose to craft a general message, something that would be useful to all prospective students, or you can focus on a specific academic discipline or some other important aspect of your college experience. Make sure your introductory comments make it clear whether you are offering a general recommendation or a specific one

Question 3

Answer each question in 135 word response

What is cyber crime? How does cyber crime impact the criminal justice system on a global level? How can we better improve the approach in which criminal justice agencies combat cyber crime on a global scale?

What is the definition of ‘major crime’? How do major crimes and criminal issues impact the justice system on a global scale? How can we improve the approach in which we combat major crimes and criminal issues affecting justice systems and processes?

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