Synopsis Of A Film

  1. Give a brief synopsis of the film’s theme and storyline (~200 words)
  2. Divide the film into scenes. Analyze each scene according to the sound elements present in the soundtrack, i.e. Dialogue, Sound Effects/Foley, Music, and the relationship between diegetic and non-diegetic sounds. Note: Sound effects and foley are very difficult to distinguish between – just choose what you think it is intuitively – you will not be graded on determining if its a sound effect or foley by just seeing the film.
    This can be done as a spreadsheet listing sounds and their categories if you prefer or in essay format. Please be aware if you list sounds that we will notice if you copy someone else’s list). (~1000 – 1500 words)

Sample table/spreadsheet:
Description of sound Type of Sound: (Dialogue, Sound Effect/Foley, Music) Diegetic, Non-Diagetic
Large dog barking playfully 3 times Sound Effect Diegetic

  1. How are elements of the sound track layered to create a sense of foreground/background, action/atmosphere, emotional content. Discuss how the sound design is used to engage the viewer in the character’s emotional journey and to structure the plot development. (300 words)
    Total: ~5 pages or approximately 1500 – 2000 words. (It is okay to go over these limits)
    A successful project will provide lots of detail and evoke the specific sounds you hear. For instance writing “a large dog barking playfully 3 times with a syncopated rhythm – its tags jingling” is much better than “dog bark”. It will be detailed, thoughtful and carefully written. Presentation, spelling, grammar, will inform the final mark. Synopsis 15%, Analysis of Sound Elements 55%, Discussion of Sound Elements Use 20%, and 10% will be for work of the highest calibre. To receive full marks you must spend the time to document the sounds accurately, clearly and with precise language as well as provide insightful discussion of how the sounds are used.

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