Supportive Partners

Discussion #2

Case Response – Sara is 17 years old. She is a senior in high school and is an A-B honor roll student with plans to attend college in the Fall. Sara just found out she was pregnant. The father is her 17 year old boyfriend of 5 months. While he seems supportive, Sara has felt him become more and more distant. Despite her fears, Sara told her parents she was expecting. Their initial response was one of disappointment and anger, and they worried for her future. Ultimately, Sara’s parents are loving and supportive and want what’s best for her. Sara’s parents are middle-class, but they both have to work full-time to support their household. Sara and her parents come into your office seeking available options and support.

As social workers and helping professionals, you must provide education, support and assistance for all options regarding Sara’s current condition even if certain options are against your own personal values. It is not your job to tell Sara what to do but to assist her with identifying the best path for herself and her future.

Q-Z – putting the child up for adoption (THIS IS YOUR OPTION)

Students must provide the following information in paragraph form based upon their assigned option. Make sure to utilize proper grammar and sentence structure as well as provide supporting resources/research. The only resources that may be used are the text, articles from library database, or web sites that are end in .org, .gov or .net. NO .com web sites should be used. Headings for each section or set of information will make it easier for me to grade.

1) Education – what education would you provide to your client regarding the assigned option? They have not chosen this option yet, so you want to educate them on all aspects in order for them to make an informed choice.

(a) Changes/impacts physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and financially

(b) Provide references to support your information (it is not about your opinion but what is actual/factual)

2) Resources – provide a minimum of 3 resources along with an explanation of why the resources are being provided.

(a) Resources may be special services (therapy/counseling), clinics, doctor’s offices, brochures, books, or web sites (be thorough!)

(b) The resources should be local to your community as if you are assisting your clients in your hometown

(c) Be specific in your resource (addresses/phone numbers/costs/where to find/etc.)

Please use APA format for in-text citations with a reference list at the end.

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