Substance Abuse Agency

Question 1

PART 1 in 200 words APAFORMAT

choose one of each (Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine) to discuss. Please note that you must discuss two of the articles in your initial post by providing a short summary and your reflections on the material presented. Be certain that you include a citation for each article in APA format.


Respond to the questions below. Your response to each of the questions should be composed in complete sentences and paragraphs, be approximately 100–150 words in length and follow APA format. Save your responses in a Microsoft Word document and submit your work to the Dropbox.Given what you know about supplements, why do you think a physician might not recommend taking herbs, vitamins, etc. therapeutically? How could he or she learn more about this topic in order to educate patients?

Question 2

This course has addressed a number of intervention strategies for working with clients. Identify 2 that you would like use in a work setting and why you like them.

For each strategy, provide an example of when you would use this approach with a client and another example of when that strategy would not be the most appropriate choice.

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