Strategic Management

Link each of these statements to right strategy ( subject strategic management)

Build one additional imaging manufacturing plant outside of Thailand to increase sales.

2.   Launch television campaign for 2012 in Middle Kingdom of China.

3.   Partner with Samsung to release “Nikon” branded smartphone camera lens.

4.   Increase capacity output of semiconductor production machines by 5%.

5.   Cease Imaging manufacturing in Thailand and switch operations to existing European manufacturing plant for ¥10,000 million.

6.   Lower camera prices in East India by 5% to remain above Canon’s price range but stay competitive.

7.   Offer additional ¥500 million in stock options for employees in R&D as incentives to remain with Nikon.

8.   Divest Instruments segment and solicit Apple investment for chip research and development for Precision Equipment segment.

9.   Create a position for VP over global law to limit lawsuits and infringements for ¥250 million.

10. Enhance training for upper management for the potential movement into executive positions and to keep them at Nikon for ¥100 million.

11. Hire 2 new executives to sit on the Board of Directors, if available, the Kodak imaging managers, to create better diversity for ¥500 million.

12. Create mobile application site to purchase cameras through e-commerce for ¥50 million

13.       Build one new manufacturing plant for DSLR equipment in Europe for ¥40,000 million

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