Strategic Direction

For an organisation of your choice write an essay that traces the changes of strategy and strategic direction over the last 10 years. Relate these changes to any changes in strategic leadership, structure, culture, market forces and environment. Your essay should consider the role of the business functions (marketing, operations management, human resource management and accounting/finance) in the success or otherwise of the organisation.

Integration of Business Functions Marking Matrix

Component Weighting Mark/Comment
Choice of organisation 5%
Discussion on leadership, time frame and changes and how they have influenced the organisation 15%
Application of concepts/theories /models. Reflection and critique of concepts/theories/models and application to:Key Areas

Discussion on leadership

STEEP model applied

Stakeholders discussed

Organisational culture possibly discussed.

Discussion of areas linked to SWOT and factors that underpin competencies or changing competences.

Discussion on systems, organisation, structure.

USE of Models – not all are expected but how they are applied is important

STEEP , Porter, SWOT.

Discussion re role of business functions.


Report Structure and referencing – Structure, flow, presentation, academic writing style, evidence of proof reading and use of Harvard style of referencing.

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