Speech Analysis

As a reminder, your final Critical Analysis essay should:

  • develop an argument over the course of your essay.
  • include analysis of your artifact. (Your analysis should be revised significantly from your Initial Research Integration. For example, if some aspects of your analysis are more relevant to your argument, you could expand those areas. If some aspects of your analysis are less relevant, you could cut those areas.)
  • integrate at least two quality sources. These can be the same sources that you used in your Initial Research Integration, or you might use different sources, depending on which sources help you to deepen your analysis and develop your own argument. (Your artifact needs to be cited, but it does not count toward one of those two sources).
  • introduce sources and use in-text citations to indicate when you are drawing on the writing of others.
  • include a Works Cited page, where you cite both your artifact and any sources you have integrated.
  • use 12-point font, double-spacing, and 1″ margins
  • be 6-7 pages long. (The Works Cited page is not included in the page count.)

It would be a good idea to review student samples to get some examples of writing strategies for this assignment. These sample papers have examples of how other students have balanced their own ideas with those of other writers, and also how they have transitioned from analyzing their artifact to place it in a broader cultural context.

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